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The Residency Program in Social Osteopathic Medicine (RP-SOM) at Southampton Hospital was developed to train osteopathic physicians for the community setting. The objective of this residency is to provide a comprehensive and longitudinal experience that will afford residents exposure to the various required disciplines.

Southampton Hospital is committed to providing the best possible educational experience for each resident. The program emphasizes inpatient and outpatient primary care medicine and the importance of the physician’s role not only as a healthcare provider but also as a patient advocate, educator, and as an agent of change.

The seven core competencies of the osteopathic profession are implemented through the training modules. The RP-SOM is integrative and collaborative in nature. The primary care fields integrate knowledge and share their experiences in an enrichment process, providing an outstanding osteopathic medical education.

The concept of the RP-SOM, integrating primary care modules into one program, was developed so physicians can share knowledge in the fields of ambulatory and community medicine, to educate each other and share their personal and professional growth. The experience intends to produce outstanding primary care physicians interested not only in treating illness, but carries a vision allocating resources to prevent disease and educate the community in excellent health practices to maintain wellness.

The RP-SOM places an emphasis on diversity, and accordingly advocates for diversity in its training program. Special attention integrating cross-cultural experiences are paramount to the training program. Psychosocial emphasis incorporated in daily rounds, didactic teachings and evening exchanges allows enrichment to each member of the residency training program team.

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